Planning Parties for Kids from Ages One to Ninety-NinePlanning Parties for Kids from Ages One to Ninety-Nine

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Planning Parties for Kids from Ages One to Ninety-Nine

I firmly believe you are only as young as you feel, and I think grandparents should have just as festive birthday parties as little kids. I love planning parties for babies – even if they don't remember them, the family gets to see their happy faces during the event. However, I also love planning parities for elders including elders I don't really know who live alone in nursing homes. Do you want party planning tips for "kids" of all ages. Then, take a look at these posts! I hope you enjoy reading, but more importantly, I hope you love these essential party planning tips. My name is Daisy, and I wish you and your loved ones a festive life!

Questions To Ask Before Selecting a Party Hire Company

If you are throwing some kind of event, such as a dinner party, birthday celebration or other type of festive occasion, you will need to contract with a party hire company. But if this is your first time dealing with these professionals, you need to ask the right questions to determine which party hire company is best for your needs. Here's a list of inquiries you should make so that you are prepared for the event.

1. Is There a Charge If You Deliver the Rental Items?

Some party hire companies provide free delivery of the items you rent, while others will charge you a round-trip fee, or a fee based on the number of miles driven by their delivery driver. It's very important that you ask this question, so that you aren't unpleasantly surprised when your bill has an additional charge that isn't in your budget.

In some instances, it's more cost-effective for you to pick up the items yourself, although, that may be problematic if you are ordering canopies and other large pieces of equipment. Picking up the items on your own is known as a 'will call' service, and you should be aware that any damage to the party rental equipment at the time of loading and unloading is your responsibility.

2. Do Dishes, Glasses and Silverware Need to Be Cleaned Before Return?

Party hire companies have different policies regarding the condition of silverware, glasses and dishes that you rent. Some will ask that you return these items clean, while others are fine if these items are dirty, but if you don't ask this question, and you end up hiring a company that requires that you clean your rental items, you may have to pay an additional fee if you return dirty products.

Keep in mind that in some cases, the party hire company may only require you to rinse out glasses and run silverware and dishes under some water, instead of a full cleaning.

3. What Is Your Damage and Missing Item Policy?

Party hire companies rent all kinds of equipment that is breakable or can go missing, so you need to know what the company will charge in the event that you damage something, or can't find glasses or silverware. Some companies will hold a damage or breakage deposit that is meant to handle these instances, while others have a separate policy that lists how they calculate replacement and repair costs. It behooves you and your budget to ask this question so you're not shocked when the final bill is tallied.